Achievement for all

A unique recording of achievement scheme

MAST's Achieve Scheme, offer young people the opportunity to have their achievements recognised with a certificate each time a short unit of learning is successfully completed.

There are no limits!

  • as long as it is worthwhile and meaningful for the learner it can be recorded.

  • where, when, and how long this takes is down to the young person

  • learning can be evidenced in many mediums.


Flexibility is key.

MAST encourage and support young people to show them what they can do, rather than what they can't.

The Achieve Scheme is invaluable; it is an important pathway for our young people to receive recognition for their achievements. The UAS provides a wide range of units which are differentiated, making accreditation accessible to all young people regardless of their ability.

Realising Potential


How does MAST Achieve work?

  • MAST have a trained Co-ordinator who runs and is responsible for UAS.

  • Each UAS unit clearly sets out what the student has to do to achieve and the evidence needed.

  • A responsible adult teaches the unit.


  • Each time a unit is achieved, a MAST Achieve Certificate is issued.

  • This lists all the outcomes, ie all the knowledge, skills and/or experiences completed as detailed on the unit.

  • They don't show a level, instead show the detail of what the young person has achieved in completing the unit.

  • They provide a great talking point for the learner about what they've done, eg during an interview for a college place or employment.

MAST Achieve is a  means by which learners, no matter what their age or ability, can have their achievement recognised.

UAS can help learners with progression to

  • further study

  • training

  • employment

  • independent living

  • more active involvement in their community.

MAST Achieve can motivate, encourage, engage, support and raise self esteem and can reward achievement which might otherwise go unrecognised, eg small steps or non-mainstream subjects.